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"Of the approximately 4 million people killed at Auschwitz a minimum of 2 million were Jews.

All of them were citizens of various European countries, but they were killed as Jews." Deborah Lipstadt, Beyond Belief: The American Press & the Coming of the Holocaust 1933-1945, NY: Simon and Schuster, 1993, p.262.

Tomasz Kranz, Emily Fuggle (English Language Editor), The Extermination of Jews at Majdanek Concentration Camp, Lublin: Państwowe Muzeum na Majdanku, 2010 (revised edition; originally published in English in 2007), p.8. See taken in September 2013 of a museum sign at Majdanek describing the two gas chambers. The seven homicidal gas chambers are described in detail in an earlier publication by the Majdanek Museum: ‎Edward Gryń, Zofia Murawska, Jan Gaczoł (translator), Majdanek Concentration Camp, Lublin: Państwowe Muzeum na Majdanku, 1966, pp. The June 30, 1981 judgment of the six-year-long Duesseldorf-Majdanek trial states (s.404) that aside from for three of the homicidal gas chambers in the so-called Bunker of Block 41: "[t]he evidence heard has not yielded wholly conclusive findings ..." regarding the other four ("Die Beweisaufnahme hat hierzu keine vllig zweifelsfreien Erkenntnisse erbracht"). Both reports are found in the UK National Archives: FO 371/50975, pp.20-31, the latter is quoted in full in James Mc Neish, The Sixth Man: The Extraordinary Life of Paddy Costello. Ilya Ehrenburg et al., The Black Book: The Nazi Crime Against the Jewish People, New York: The Jewish Black Book Committee, 1946, p.379. "Auschwitz 2,000,000(Belzec 600,000(Chelmno 340,000(Majdanek 1,380,000( Sobibor 250,000( Treblinka 800,000( Total 5,370,000".

Only the judgment of the trial is about the trial consistently claim that there were seven. Lucy Dawidowicz, The War against the Jews: 1933-1945, NY: Bantam Books, 1991, p.149.

There was a considerable gap between rules and practice.It's a clever tactic they use to constantly change the 'official story' so you can not get pinned down.The first time I saw this was with the Bush II Administration over Iraq.According to Jeremy Hicks in First Films of the Holocaust (Uni.of Pittsburgh Press, 2012, p.165) this figure is also stated as being the Majdanek death toll—although the religious affiliations of the 1,380,000 aren't mentioned—in the 1944 film Majdanek: Film Documents of the Monstrously Evil Deeds of the Germans in the Extermination Camp of Majdanek, in the Town of Lublin by Soviet director Irina Setkina, who also made a film about the Germans perpetrating the Katyn massacre. "In the fall of 1944, Allied forces reached Maidanek and found the remains of 1.7 million Jews." "Our national loss of innocence — and of sensitivity," Finger Lake Times (Geneva, NY), Friday, April 22, 1983, p.5 ( by chief Soviet prosecutor Roman Rudenko: "This report has already been presented to the Tribunal as Exhibit Number USSR-93 (Document Number USSR-93) and, according to Article 21 of the Charter, constitutes irrefutable evidence." 10.

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Survivors and researchers usually present the concentration camp as the ultimate example of a total institution.

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