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But Brandy is taking this time in her single season to be solo.I call this type of single being “single-single:” being single on purpose.There are many singles out here with and without the desire to marry who still date and enter relationships.Yet, they’re miserable on the inside because they don’t love themselves.We don’t know Brandy, but taking the time to work on herself by focusing on motherhood and her career seems to be a wise decision for her life.

Glanville, 44, captioned the post with a series of hashtags, including: “#realman,” “#love,” “#drinkinganddating” and “#workhardplayhard.” “Where is the white wine emoji??!! Meanwhile, that’s not the first time the couple flaunted some PDA on social media: Glanville regularly shares photos of the two on Instagram, and on Valentine’s Day, Friese even shared a photo of them laying in bed completely nude.

“People don’t want to believe it,” she said because it is misunderstood by others as you not wanting to love or be loved.

“Love yourself, and that’s the most beautiful thing,” added co-host Tamera Housley and yes, self love is a major factor in successful relationships.

She hasn’t been out on a date in a year and apparently doesn’t see marriage in the future as she stated that she doesn’t want to “go down that road.” Now it’s one thing to be questioned by people when you’re single and desire to marry, but if you’re single and you want to live single-single, the pressure, misunderstandings and questions will no doubt come from others. When I talked about marriage she’d be supportive and even shared what role she wanted to play in my wedding.

But when the scenario switched for her, she usually brushed marriage off, joking about having many boos, but not a husband.

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Brandy pretty much shocks her fellow co-host speechless when she reveals that she never wants to get married. I’m all about my career right now.” Bailon then follows up asking Brandy if she ever sees marriage in her future, to which Brandy responds, “I don’t. I know I don’t want to.” Loni Love enthusiastically echoes Brandy’s sentiments on marriage. I’ve been trying to tell these heifers right here about this and they don’t believe me,” Love says.”They want to push.

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