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(Cops hunt black rapist who attacked a disabled woman in her home This is the creep who followed a disabled 64-year-old woman to her Bronx home and raped her, police said.

The woman, who uses a walker, was headed home to her apartment around p.m.

The royal family is accustomed to its eccentricities.

When disaster strikes, Princess Celie and her siblings team up to save the day.

It's bleak and tragic and ends with only a glimmer of hope, but young (and old) readers will be moved as they root for fourteen-year-old Billie Jo to transcend her dire circumstances and find the beauty in her unlikely surroundings. More info → When an overprotected ten-year-old stumbles upon a boy her age drinking furtively from a spring near her home, she discovers what he's trying to keep secret: since his family began drinking the water, they haven't aged a day.

There are so many middle grade stories that wrestle with death these days; in this novel, Babbit wrestles with the decidedly mixed blessing of living forever.

Once they’re set up in the museum, Claudia finds herself transfixed by a statue—and the mystery behind it—and her fascination leads the two children on an incredible adventure.

But when her stepsister speaks, diamonds and flowers come out of When two siblings have a conflict they can't talk about, they take it out on each other by going to battle with their respective lemonade stands: who can earn the most money selling cold drinks this summer?

This is a fast-moving story about sibling rivalry, different kinds of intelligence, and how math works in the real world.

More info → My 11-year-old told me she was glad this was required reading because she wouldn't have read it otherwise and it's one of the best books she's ever read.

Told in free verse, this is the story of a young girl's life in the Dust Bowl of Oklahoma during the Great Depression.

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A good independent read for younger tweens, but even my six-year-old is loving this as a read-aloud.

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