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The reason your head gasket costs so much is due to going to a Subaru dealership for the work, a private shop wont cost that much.They only offered you the 0 rebate for a new car because the DEALERSHIP is in the business of sellin cars, why are they gonna wanna do warranty work (lose money) when they can sell you a new car and make money.I contacted Subaru and kindly asked that they include my car in their extended head gasket warranty because of the vehicle’s low mileage and outstanding repair record.At their request, I took the vehicle to Ira Subaru of Danvers, MA for factory authorized diagnosis of the problem.I loved your post, because it's such a precise description of the issues I had in my '07 Legacy. That's when it became obvious to me that "Subaru Reliability" doesn't exist. I decided I would drive it until I couldn't any longer, and then buy a new car.In 150,000 miles, I had to replace three faulty wheel bearings. I knew that the engine would die if I didn't make a quick move. While passing a car at 60MPH on the highway, the engine went bust.Ira agreed with the original service provider and handed me an estimated repair bill of 87.00, roughly the total value of the vehicle!

If you want to dislike a car company because you had a couple problems with your car and you had a bad experience with a dealer I can't change that and no one on this site can. HOW they have a reputation for reliability and durability any more is a matter of reputation and marketing, not product!

There's my .02 cents but what do I know, I'm just a Mechanic myself. I used to recommend Subarus to friends who were car shopping. Nick, A legitimate complaint can hardly be called a "rant"!

And having a head gasket, wheel bearing, oil pan, and catalytic converter all need replacing on an impeccably maintained car with less than 96,000 miles constitutes, in my opinion, more than " a couple of problems".

I recently became aware that my 2001 Forester has a leaking head gasket and a bad wheel bearing.

Although the vehicle is 12 years old, it has only 95,000 miles and has been meticulously cared for (I have all the service records dating back to the first oil change).

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Subaru’s “kind” offer was to allow me a $750.00 “incentive” toward the purchase of a new Subaru vehicle.

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