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Anybody who's ever seen me knows I don't go for expensive clothes, or fancy cars, or the latest styles. I did an interview for the LA Times that will be coming out in a big spread on Sunday, an interview for the Hollywood Reporter, Script Magazine, NPR's All Things Considered, and there are a bunch more yet to come. So there will be a measure of ego in what follows; forgiveness is requested in advance.

I don't actually know how to describe what this is all like. Leaving aside B5 for the moment, I often felt that I was a better writer than the shows I found myself working on.

Fate in a story that pits life and death against the question of free will vs.

Overall, it was a great experience, and I'm perfectly content with the resolution. I'm on draft two of Forbidden Planet, and the process is going well, very exciting stuff, and I hope I can talk about some of that in more detail soonish.

One can't expect a home run in one's first kick at the cat, as they say in places where apparently cats are not terribly popular. No, I don't use it to make strange noises in the middle of the night. About to make the final touches to World War Z, then with any luck we can get this thing into pre-productoin also soonish.

Each of the issues are stand-alones, and have some of the best stuff I've done in comics lately.

The first issue features Batman and Dial H for HERO in a story about self-sacrifice; the second features the (Barry Allen) Flash and the Blackhawks in a tale that asks "when, if ever, is it right to kill?

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