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Many Japanese family names derive from features of the rural landscape; for example, Ishikawa () means "above the well".While family names follow relatively consistent rules, given names are much more diverse in pronunciation and character usage.Both subscriptions are available in one, two, or three-year durations.Blue Book of Black Powder Firearm Values Online Subscription The Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms is available as a stand-alone online subscription or as part of the popular Three-Pack Firearm subscription that also includes access to the Blue Book of Gun Values and Blue Book of Airguns databases.Values can be approximately ascertained by comparing a Miroku shotgun of similar gauge, features, engraving/wood, and condition to an equivalent Japanese Charles Daly model.

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This diversity is in stark contrast to the situation in other nations of the East Asian cultural sphere, which reflects a different history: while Chinese surnames have been in use for millennia and were often reflective of an entire clan or adopted from nobles (with or without any genetic relationship) and were thence transferred to Korea and Vietnam via noble names, the vast majority of modern Japanese family names date only to the 19th century, following the Meiji restoration, and were chosen at will.

The recent introduction of surnames has two additional effects: Japanese names became widespread when the country had a very large population (over 30 million during the early Meiji era – see Demographics of Imperial Japan) instead of dating to ancient times (estimated population at 1 CE is 300,000, for instance – see Demographics of Japan before Meiji Restoration), and since little time has passed, Japanese names have not experienced as significant a surname extinction as has occurred in the much longer history in China.) are common in Okinawa but not in other parts of Japan; this is mainly due to differences between the language and culture of Yamato people and Okinawans.

The online subscription contains the entire database of the current Blue Book of Gun Values, but it also has many features not available with the printed version, including quarterly updates, over 2,500 firearm images, complete search abilities, and inventory capabilities through ISP!

Blue Book of Airgun Values Online Subscription The Blue Book of Airguns is available as a stand-alone online subscription or as part of the popular Three-Pack Firearm subscription that also includes access to the Blue Book of Gun Values and Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms databases.

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