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In Mikhail Lermontov's "The Fatalist" (1840), one of five novellas comprising his A Hero of Our Time, a minor character places a gun with an unknown number of bullets to his head, pulls the trigger and survives.

However, the term "Russian roulette" does not appear in the story.

That assumes that each chamber is equally likely to come to rest in the "correct" position.

However, due to gravity, in a properly maintained weapon with a single round inside the cylinder, the full chamber, which weighs more than the empty chambers, will usually end up near the bottom of the cylinder when its axis is not vertical, altering the odds in favor of the player.

Chatroulette, ile kameralı ve sesli chat yapabilirsiniz.

Naravno, uključiti web kameru i pustiti neznanca da vas vidi i vidi vaše okruženje je skoro ravno kao da zaista pustite nekoga u vašu sobu, a nikada ne znate na koga (ili na šta) ćete se pasti.Because only one chamber is loaded, the player has a one in x chance of being shot; x is the number of chambers in the cylinder.So, for instance, if a revolver holds six rounds, the chance is one in six. - Chat anonymously with no micro and no video in the "text" mode. - Have fun while you click "Next" to find someone interesting. - If you don't want to be spied change it in "Settings".

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