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He is farming foolish, new workers for his salt mines with this seducing information of his channel: Welcome to the You Tube page of The Mighty Jingles!Brain surgeon, rockstar, horse-thief and noob gamer extraordinaire!Friends: Boo(his dog), Rita Sobibor (a.k.a Rita Gamer), Workers of the Salt Mines (his "fans"), Megladon, Quickybaby, Circonflexes, Ike, Every Cat Ever, Sir Foch, Pointy Haired Jedi and Ectar.Also secretly best friends with Serb and Mohammed Al Habtoor.Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy.Paul Charlton is a British You Tube personality and a Former EU Community contributor for Wargaming EU and liaiso TY54Yn for Wargaming Asia He has been known as: The Mighty Jingles, Our Lord and saviour after Lord Gaben, the true overlord of the salt mines, Bohiemianeagle, and Rear admiral jingles.So that was fun." After 22 years he has done his duty and came back to the United Kingdom.Paul Charlton has an You Tube channel called The Mighty Jingles, previously known as Bohemian Eagle. He was using the free version of Bandicam—which meant the videos were limited to 10 minutes in duration and Windows Movie Maker to edit.

(Even though he cannot tell which shell is loaded in the barrel of his gun - a mistake he made in the video "The Sherminator").

We all know he's just trying to stop us from knowing the truth: he is completely besotted with the game, despite his claims.

He has however, recently, also become addicted to Heliborne, and more notably, Cold Waters.

Jingles is like 60 and Rita is like The spooky part is trying to stay awake as you wait minutes to get into a battle with nearly players in the queue.

Just asking and this is out of curiosity and not anything indecent or evil.

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The first ship he joined was HMS Brazen and he flew out to join her in Dubai just in time for the First Gulf War (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991). Standard procedure was to position the HMS Brazen between them and their target and “take the Canon Ball on the chin” and shoot the enemies down. "So we put our ship in harm’s way, bent over and thought of England.

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