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While the Rabbis in the Talmud ventured a little into the field of rationalization, they still fell far short of propounding an elaborate systemized study of the reasons behind the commandments.

To them, the cardinal rule was that mitzvot were presented , to refine the character of people.

Thus, as the midrash says, there is no point in discovering the reason behind cutting the animal’s throat.

We may be tempted to say that the cut is the most humane way to kill an animal… The mitzvot are God’s will, and we are naturally better people for acting upon God’s word.

Consequently there is a cause for every commandment…

(Moreh Nevuchim, part ) Rambam proposes that the reason for each mitzvah is right before our eyes, and if we learned hard enough, tried hard enough, we would find the reason behind each mitzvah.

In his Guide for the Perplexed, Moreh Nevuchim, Rambam dedicated many pages to describing why it is important to ask how a mitzvah functions, and unabashedly delves into some suggested reasons for performing them.What’s more, if we say that there is no reason, it is as if we are desecrating and insulting God’s name.Rambam greatly influenced other scholars, and tried to convince others to emulate him in his effort to probe into the deeper meaning of mitzvot.The following midrash does not condone finding reasons behind mitzvot ב אמר לא נתנו המצות אלא לצרף בהן את הבריות וכי מה איכפת ליה להקב”ה למי ששוחט מן הצואר או מי ששוחט מן העורף הוי לא נתנו המצות אלא לצרף בהם את הבריות What difference does it make to God whether a beast is killed by cutting the neck in front or in back?Surely the commandments are only intended as a means of trying man; in accordance with the verse: the word of God is a test” (Psalms ) (Bereishit Rabba 44:1) In fact the Torah itself, with a few exceptions, seems to avoid giving reasons behind commandments.

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We should do mitzvot in order to act in accord with God’s word, without questioning God’s intent.

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