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He desires two things: to "purify" the Arkanian race of "corrupt" offshoots like Jarael, and to raise his homeworld's glory beyond anything his ancestors could have dreamed of.A power unto himself, Adasca offers his services to the Republic and Mandalorians alike, so long as he comes out ahead in the bargain.Camper winds up repairing him with a more advanced processor, granting him increased intelligence and an unstable personality, as he is now capable of understanding that his trusted master Lucien harmed him. This, combined with his outspoken belief that Mandalore the Ultimate's crusade is a wasted effort, made him something of a reviled figure to his fellow warriors.He meets the gang while on yet another suicide mission from Cassus Fett, and decides to go AWOL to avoid his leaders' wrath."If we cannot change what others will do in the future, we can change what we do. We cannot avert the prophesied doom but we can survive it. We are few, but the Jedi ways will go on after the tribulations come.

He remains a cautious participant in the Covenant, clashing with Lucien and the others' demands for extreme measures. He holds the position of the Exalted among his home village, which he's happy to use for the Covenant's benefit while neglecting their needs. Haazen is Lucien's mentor and aide-de-camp, the ultimate mastermind behind the Jedi Covenant.

I know this because I am the son of Krynda and Barrison Draay and at last, I can see my future."Lucien is the son of the great Jedi masters Barrison and Krynda Draay, and is determined to live up to their legacy and prevent the return of the Sith at any cost.

Guided by apocalyptic visions of the future, Lucien has killed or otherwise wronged hundreds in his quest to vanquish the darkness One of the masters of Taris.

Gryph is a Snivvian conman who was Zayne's special nemesis, until the Padawan Massacre made him an outlaw as well.

Labelled an accomplice, Gryph aided and protected Zayne at first to save his own skin, but he grew to care for the boy as a true friend.

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Q'Anilia is a Miraluka, and even for that species is a powerful seer.

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