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I worked on GBI, Eleuthera, Grand Turk, and Ascension I had a dune buggy and a motorcycle. 2015: Just got back from Grand Turk, the island is a lot different from 1977. Navy base is a Community College.(see the link for his obituary)Comments: A former Range Troop , Gerry Mulligan , died Oct 11th. Comments: ASCENSION off to revisit the rock 11 Sept forthree weeks. Had one week visit there in 97 stayed at base VIP by USAF Base Comm.More new cars, cruise ships, and a Margaritaville Caf on the south end. Gerry worked for me at the GBI Weather Station late fifties ,early sixties . He went on to get a college degree , then returned to this area and coached high school football for many years . Comments: I was with Bendix Nasa on ascension 1966 1967. MR Wainwright was island admin and had a lovely daughter Deborah. Celebrating my 50th Ann of arrivaland establishment of Ascension Hist Soc and Ft. RAF now has base, BBC contracted out, C&W foreign owned, Ascension Is Government operational a coupe of years and yes, Ascension now has it's own flag would you believe.It was located near the weather rocket launch site and just above where Jack was last seen.I made the marker, but the sea took its tole years later.(Not drinking and driving)I miss the place but no way I will ever be back.Not too many of us left - I will have a beer in honor of those who are still alive this evening. Comments: Still here as one of The Originals." Would like to know if the decayed cenotaph on Ascension Island for Jack Bowen was ever repaired or replaced.Staying in Georgetown this visit and hope to have Wi Fi conn. Doug Comments: My good friend and old range rat Jim Velia passed this week.Knew him from San Sal FPS 16 radar in 1959 when Joe Petrone was Radar manager.

THANKS TO JIM AND THE MANY WHO CONTRIBUTED TO THE EFFORT TO PUT ON THE EVENT. Not sure this relates to his Vanguard job Comments: I was a RM2, Radioman 2nd class, stationed at NAVFAC Grand Turk in 1977. After my duty there, I became a Range Rat for RCA, and operated and then supervised the radar tracking watches on Antigua and Ascension Islands. Found a note from Benny Juhl, I worked with him on ORV's. Wish I could come to the next RR get together but the commute from WA is more than I can handle. Would be interested in hearing from anybody who had passed by my way in the past. BMEWS Thule, Greenland Alaska, Dew Line Andros Island, AUTECAlaska, AC&W Project, Cape Romanzof, Kotzebue, King Salmon Andros (again}Cudjoe Key, Fl. RCA Aerostat====================================Mick put this in the Guest Book by misteak on and I am finally moving it over to the Range Rat Sign In Book where it really belongs.... Services that will be held at the Bealls Funeral Home in Bowie Md. Maury was a great man and may he rest in peace and may his peace be eternal."There is an obituary link but it does not include any info. The hottest thing going was the MOD II, but the Nike MOD IV came shortly thereafter. CHEERS TO ALL THE OLD HANDS WHO STOOD THE TEST OF THOSE EARLY DAYS ON THE RANGE - LIFE IN A QUONSET HUT! Served on St Lucia, San Salvador, Rose Knot, Cape Telemetry 2 and 3, Mercury / Gemini Control, Mistram in Valkaria.

I ws working one of the consoles in what was then Central Control, and witnessed the explosion on closed circuit TV. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. I have worked at Ascension Radars (1990-1992), Antigua Radar (2006-2010), Patrick Radar (2010-2014), Radar/Command Planner (2014-present).

I would not trade my experiences and that career for anything, plus still happily married to the same wonderful love of my life. What a privilege to follow after the trail-blazers of the ER space program! Hope the future generations make you as proud of us as we are of you.

After my 45 went off by accident, was assigned to parts supply (GBI), I think the only air conditioned facility on the range.

I'm going to write a story for my web page specifically on the sinking incident. A couple of weeks ago Tom Mc Call RCA/GE/CSR Communications Downrange and Cape Canaveral AFS, Communications Test Operations Analyst passed away. In the comm center where we ran Morse code traffic to other station and ships, did some air traffic control, handled some classified documents and played with Sammy the meanest tom cat that ever lived.

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