Gelila bekele tyler perry still dating

Tyler went on to reveal why he hasn’t shared photos of his son, Aman, on social media.

Since his son is not personally famous, he doesn’t believe his son should be in the limelight.

Tyler also explained how he wants to protect his son from the world of social media.

Hopefully, his efforts will allow his son to maintain some form of normalcy despite his celebrity status.

She is absolutely against body shaming and in interviews she has categorically mentioned how she has learnt to embrace femininity and wear her body comfortably whenever she is modeling for any brand.

In 2014 the couple was blessed with a son, Aman Tyler Perry.

As far as modeling is concerned, Gelila Bekele is very easy going who doesn't follow a trend necessarily.

As she has been born and brought up in Ethiopia and Europe, she has nurtured a style of her own and has been exposed to different fabrics and designs.

Gelila Bekele is an Ethiopian model, social worker, humanitarian, and documentary maker.

Her work sphere is mostly around Europe and United states.

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