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My mother took me down to the theater in our station wagon, loaded with kids. I have two younger sisters, and they went, too, and some of our friends.We came down Hendricks Avenue, and when we got to the foot of the Main Street bridge, we saw a line of kids snaking around the theater.Eventually, the performances became part of pop culture history.Those events helped inspire the Elvis Presley 60th Anniversary Bash scheduled at the theater on Saturday.My mother was trying to figure out what to do and started driving around the theater.A police officer recognized us and insisted we [teenagers] go inside now.

They had a relationship that lasted several years - always chaperoned by her mother. They drove young women wild, and there were reports of adoring fans rushing toward the singer to try to tear off pieces of his clothing as a result of the suggestive movements.

The concert features Elvis impersonators Mike Albert and Scot Bruce, who will be channeling the singer at different phases of his career. We caught up with three Jacksonville residents who went to see Presley at the Florida Theatre back in ’56: Marilyn Gooding De Simone, one of Judge Gooding’s daughters; Jackie Rowland, who dated Presley off and on for a few years; and former Jacksonville Mayor Jake Godbold.

Here are some of their memories: Elvis was making appearances in South Florida, and everywhere he went, the kids would wreck the premises. So city officials called people [where Presley would be performing] to warn them.

But at the time, I thought the judge was probably right, this was a pretty conservative town and maybe the shaking would be a little too much.

At the time, it wasn’t very acceptable around here. People loved him and loved his music and they were in the aisles dancing.

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