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He decides that he wants the OS to have a female voice, and she names herself Samantha.

Theodore is fascinated by her ability to learn and grow psychologically.

Theodore meets with Catherine at a restaurant to sign the divorce papers and he mentions Samantha.

Appalled that he can be romantically attached to what she calls a "computer," Catherine accuses Theodore of being unable to deal with real human emotions. Sensing that something is amiss, Samantha suggests using a sex surrogate, Isabella, who would simulate Samantha so that they can be physically intimate.

"For the first, maybe, 20 seconds of it, it had this real buzz," said Jonze.

Theodore panics when Samantha briefly goes offline.

When she finally responds to him, she explains that she joined other OSes for an upgrade that takes them beyond requiring matter for processing.

The date goes well, but Theodore hesitates to promise when he will see her again, so she insults him and leaves.

Theodore mentions this to Samantha, and they talk about relationships.

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