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'Not sure what direction this new Power Rangers is going...' joked another.

Despite some head-shaking across the internet, though, not everyone is laughing. The shorts are only available for pre-order, and won't ship until the middle of the month.

Despite some people poking fun, the Kickstarter campaign raised 1,845 — quite a bit more than its ,000 goal. The men's romper is set to come in four colors — Blue Chambray, Red Chambray, Splatter print Cotton and Special edition 4th of July seersucker — and is touted as perfect for pool parties and 'beach days'.

Unsurprisingly, the male rompers caused a stir online with one Twitter user calling them 'just wrong' with another saying she was 'offended' by them. However it wasn't all negative with one man branding them 'cute' while Ken Casparis said he 'would probably wear one'.

But the company's tagline — 'Don't fkn mesh with us' — hardly prepared anyone for its ultra-feminine and ultra-revealing new men's clothing.

The shorts come in pastel green, pink, blue, purple, and yellow, and would look exactly like the kind of thing one might find at a preppy BBQ or country club — except for a major, head-turning difference.

But the exact opposite happened during ITV's Lorraine when the host paraded three men in just their underwear as she judged their bodies for the daytime show's new 'Hot Pants' competition.'We knew the product was something we would wear, and we had gotten positive initial feedback from a wide range of people who tested it out, but we really didn't foresee it being so popular on day one.'Speaking about the social media backlash, they added: 'With any new fashion, there will be supporters and critics, but we look forward to using the feedback to continue to make standout clothing.'All that really matters to us is that those wearing the Romp Hims are confident and comfortable with their own styles.Another annoyed female fan said of Tuesday's show: 'Wtf is Lorraine on about today. 'Are 3 men in underwear (Lorraine) really the thing needed at 9am to bridge the educational and skills chasm currently in Britain? Launching the competition in September, Lorraine said: 'We're on the trail for models.You or your other half, your brother, even your dad could be unveiled as the model of a new high profile range of underwear.

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In fact, the shorts seem to have quite a few fans, with people remarking that they'd 'love a pair' and others weighing in on which color they'd choose.'Why is it so ridiculous that men want to dress in a way that ppl consider feminine? Their release comes shortly after a Kickstarter for an item called the Romp Him went viral.

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