Application screenupdating false not working excel 2016 atrafdating co ilk

Do you have specific lack of knowledge with any specific lines, or just the whole approach?

That said, your own code can be cut down a little more: If Not Is Error(Application. fanpages, I didn't struggle to understand your code nor to get this code ready. As hellworld12345, have problem getting the code ready to do the job, he's probably a beginner on VBA. As you say especially for a very large set of data.

The compare process can be made with Excel Vba Worksheet. Two columns in different worksheets were compared in this template .However, [Sheet1] does have three additional rows (for "Item K", "Item L", & "Item M"). Here is the Visual Basic for Applications code taken from the [Sheet3] code module within the attached workbook: Please download/save this workbook locally (instead of simply opening the file from your web browser's cache). Column C C) Copy the row from Sheet2 to Sheet3 if [Sheet2]. Select "Q_28252532" as the "Macro name" & then click the [Run] button. [EDIT: 25/09/2013 (UK time) - Corrected comments referring to a different thread] Q-28242532Neither of the listings I provided have "complicated" code but, I suppose, this description is subjective. If you wish to make changes to the contents of either (or both) of the [Sheet1] &/or [Sheet2] worksheets, please do so. Does that mean that in the last two days you have struggled to understand either of my proposals? Row 'Get the last row with data for both list sheets lr2 = sh2. because you suppress the system messages (Alerts) you don't see a dialogue box asking if you want to keep the data. 2 although I am not really sure why it is not a permanent problem.

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One of the added features of this application is the ability to look up previous invoices by date or by invoice number.

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